We are a community organization located in Hamilton, Ontario.  We are committed to exploring Hamilton's free wellness resources with a focus on mental health and overall balance.


We have divided the resources we have found into categories.  To find out about general wellness resources please click here or click 'Wellness Resources' on the left hand side of the screen.  If you want resources for specific mental health conditions then please click here or on the 'Mental Health Resources' link on the left hand side of the screen.

Mental Health

If you are looking for our mental health drop-in and safe space calendar then please click here!

If you are looking for our free events calendar then please click here!

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What else do we do?

We run workshops on subjects ranging from what resources are in our city to individual and family mindfulness.  We are all mental health consumers ourselves and are happy to offer peer support and guidance, although we don't claim expertise we do have passion and experience.

Our Mission:

  1. To offer a peer-led approach to transforming lives and driving social change.

  2. End the stigma that mental & emotional health only exist for those with a diagnosis.

  3. Create and maintain a local safe space where open discussion of the daily challenges of mental & emotional health can exist.

  4. Facilitate local access to free resources to enhance overall well-being for a healthier community.

  5. Inspire community connections and drive leadership for social change.

Our Vision:

A balanced wellness and quality of life accessible to and inclusive of all residents of Hamilton.

  Please contact us at info@myfreehamilton.ca or on our Facebook page for more information or support.  If you are a Facebook user then please follow us to receive regular postings about mental health and free events in the Hamilton area.

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Please contact us at info@myfreehamilton.ca or through our Facebook page.