I twist my ankle, break a bone, scratch my eye. It is well known what needs to be done. I call the doctor, right? So what do I do when a loved one dies, my friend betrays me, I'm given a sigh..... What if I'm told 'I hate you'...... Do you consider these injuries?

Now what if I told you these are all examples of......injury. What if I told you there ARE very real mental and emotional consequences to these situations; especially when they are just shoved away and not processed in a healthy way. Impacts of these situations can last hours, days or even years! The impacts seep into aspects of our daily lives.

Let's take it another step further. What if everything you believed in life was suddenly shattered by an unexpected extreme incident like the death of a loved one? A demonstration of evil? A personal violation? You could likely accept if I said that this would cause significant mental and emotional stress on anyone. But what if it went deeper, into your soul, where your core being and core beliefs are housed? Would you consider that an injury in need of treatment? Spiritual treatment? Soul searching? What would you believe anymore?


Life balance tree

Julie and I strongly believe that overall wellness includes more than just physical health, it includes emotional, mental and spiritual health. One cannot be whole without the others. Everything in moderation. Balance. Mind, body & soul. We've heard it time and again but do we really ever think what that means for each of us? Our world hasn't prepared us to stop and listen to ourselves.

So Julie and I are going to "stop" and reach out to you through our platform, My Free Hamilton, in hopes that you will take the time to listen to your needs. Pulling from our own lived experiences of childhood traumas, mental health challenges and navigating what seems like a scary world while trying to survive, save face, connect to others, be productive and raise a family.

Julie and I will openly share our experiences with you and excitedly talk of all the FREE resources that are available in Hamilton. It is the access to these services and the wealth of knowledge & skills that we gained to maintain healthy balance that has changed our lives for the better. The struggle is still real only this time we are equipped. Life just isn't as scary as it once was and we are connected to the right people that lift us rather than drain our energy. We hope you will let us lift you and see where you land!

Cheers, Julie and Angie


We have written about our personal stories here: Julie and Angie.  Please however be aware that these articles contain information about sexual assault and/or violence which may be triggering to survivors.


Please contact us at info@myfreehamilton.ca or through our Facebook page.